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Paul Koffy Bio:

I love God, I love Jesus, I am passionate about direct experience of Faith,Love, expanding the mind to integrate that love more and more in my life. I love people and animals. Connecting with people via a vibe with and smile is the greatest connection to be had. I have a tractor, sawmill, 5 dogs – depending on year have anywhere from 1 to 150 stands of bees. Grease, dirt, sweat, realizing I should have read the directions better, mixing 2 cycle gas wrong, bonfires, floorboards that need to be cleaned I live the lifestyle of the music, I live and embrace the life of America outside the perimeter of downtown. LAUGHTER LAUGHTER LAUGHTER LAUGHTER




Jasmine Sadry Bio:

Jasmine is:

• A parent of two black lab rescue dogs

• A proud Texas girl and her favorite NFL team is the Dallas Cowboys

• Trilingual – fluent in English, Farsi and Armenian

• Involved with the Dallas/Fort Worth Lab Rescue and the Texas Humane Legislation Network

• A member of the Association for Women in Sports Media and Alliance for Women in Media

Jasmine loves animals, science, sports, music, theatre, the outdoors, traveling, and girlie stuff like wine and fashion!


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